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Customized strength & conditioning programming delivered through my phone application designed for all levels of fitness, including amateur and pro level athletes. Programs are developed and adjusted to each person based on goals and equipment available. Click doc. below to get started on your program today.

Personal Training sessions working 1 to 1 or in a small group are a great way to improve your sports performance, strength and conditioning, rehab. from injuries, acquire more balance and flexibility, learn Muay Thai and Boxing, and feel more energetic.  Sessions are always tailored to the individual and Coach Scott enjoys working with all walks of life and ages. Pro athletes to beginners, everyone is welcome and encouraged!

If you are trying to improve your health and wellness, getting a solid nutritional lifestyle is crucial. You can't out-train a bad diet! Whether you are looking for help to make a specific weight for competition or diving deeper into improving your overall health, custom 1-1 work will get you where you need to be. Get started by filling out your form click link below!

Using BodyMetrix ultrasound technology, we can measure body fat and lean muscle mass. This tool helps to dial in specific needs of a person especially ones with very specific goals. Doing testing at the start of a new training plan or nutritional intervention is a great way to establish a baseline and track results that go beyond the number on the scale. 

weight cut doc

Online Strength & Conditioning Programming

Spending time at the gym and not seeing results? Or maybe you're working out at home and aren't sure how to structure your training week to get the best results for your time and equipment. You could also have nagging injuries from overtraining. Avoid these scenarios and save time with a personalized 4-8 week (program lengths may vary depending on goals and/or competition schedule) strength and conditioning program.

Your time is your most valuable resource! Training efficiently and effectively using a personalized program will make sure you aren't wasting it.

Customized programs are created for each individual - no cookie cutter generic planning. You may be an athlete competing in amateur or professional sports (team or individual), an individual looking to tone up and get in shape, or maybe you're looking for a speedy recovery from major surgery. Take the right steps towards growth, and make every rep count. A custom program or series of periodized programs is a perfect way for an athlete to peak for a competition, or for anyone to reach their goals effectively and injury free. Programs are always completely individualized for your access to equipment, space, goals, current fitness level, and individual strengths/weaknesses.

A program would be good for individuals that:​

  • Want to improve body composition with smart training

  • Want to improve overall health and reduce the risk of disease

  • Want to speed up recovery from an injury or surgery and strengthen against re-occurrence

  • Want to improve fitness - speed, power, and strength to perform better in specific sports (at any age)

  • Are athletes at the amateur or professional level

  • Beginners that want to develop confidence when it comes to working out

  • Intermediate gym goers with specific goals

Online Training Options

  • My online coaching experience is a great hybrid between pure online training, and personal training, providing clients a cost effective way to have access to an expert coach, without the same cost as personal 1-1 training. 

  • Online coaching begins with information gathering, and a coaching call. This will allow me to determine the strategies that will set you up for training success! After this I will put together your personalized plan to guide you towards your goals!

  • Exclusive and unlimited access to our Fight Fit YYC training app. Through our easy to use app you will have access to your training program, instructional videos and writeups on each exercise so you can tackle each workout effectively, and instant messaging with your coach! Stay accountable with reminders and check-ins, compliance tracking, plus a calendar that can be flexible, and easily allows you to see your scheduled workouts. 

  • The app can also be paired with nutrition coaching from Fight Fit YYC for seamless and coordinated delivery and tracking of your health and fitness plans. 

Download and fill out form for your online program.

When finished email here.

Programming Rates:

1 Program (6-8 weeks duration)


Includes access to online training app for duration of program - video database, 

messaging to communicate with coach and share videos, real time tracking of workouts,

calendar and goal tracking.

Access available via phone or web browser with offline options and ability to print at home.

Access to app can be extended for a fee.

3 Program Package

$500+GST (Save $25)

Programs must be ran consecutively. 

S & C Programs

Personal Training

Muay Thai Boxing, Strength & Conditioning or Mixed

Private training is a great way to speed up the learning process and fast track your results, while staying injury free. Sessions are catered specifically to your goals and needs and scheduled on your time! Whether you’re training for a fight, want to perfect your technique or get into better shape, private training sessions will help improve your fitness and/or Muay Thai, leaving you feeling and looking great. You’ll see an improvement in your performance and skills in no time.

A great approach is to do combination sessions, where a portion of the session is devoted to skills training - Muay Thai or boxing, and a portion of the session is devoted towards strength and conditioning - improving overall strength, core strength and stability, power, balance, and mobility. 

Personal Training Rates 
One-to-One Training
60mins $100
30 mins $65
Small Group Sessions

2-3 people       $130/1hr session


4-10 people     $200/1hr session

For more then 10 people please contact us to for further rates.

Large group training (teams, classes, corporate) rates negotiable.

*Single use sessions are allowed for NEW clients only. After the first session, packages of 5 or 10 must be purchased. Sessions expire 6 months from purchase date. No refunds will be issued. Please cancel your sessions 24 hours or more in advance or you will lose your session, exceptions will be made for sudden illness or valid emergencies. All prices above exclude GST, which will be added to purchases.
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Personal Training

Nutrition Coaching

No matter how hard you workout you can't out-train a bad diet. Strength and conditioning and getting more active is one aspect, but it's what you do the other 22-23 hours of the day that has a huge impact on the results you'll see! We are experienced nutrition coaches and have guided many everyday people as well as amateur and professional athletes in combative sports and events like the Boston Marathon to achieve healthier nutritional lifestyles that support their goals. If you're working hard or want to step it up to see those results, a focus on nutrition could be the key component you are missing. In addition to years of experience working with individuals of all walks of life, I;m backed by one of the most renowned nutritional certifications - Precision Nutrition.


The truth is that sustainable results must be built on a solid nutritional foundation.  It's more than just what you eat. I approach each person as an individual and identify key habits to shift while improving your overall lifestyle. Believe it or not, you don't have to sacrifice much to live a healthier lifestyle, it's all about making the necessary adjustments and finding a sustainable and enjoyable approach to nutrition. Get ready to discover enjoyable and healthy nutrition full of variety and flavour, that is scientifically proven - no fad diets, no silly gimmicks, and no plain chicken and broccoli "meals"!


Fight Fit YYC uses a sustainable, habit based nutrition approach emphasizing overall caloric consumption, macronutrient ratios, and consuming quality, nutrient dense whole foods. If that last sentence made no sense to you, then you definitely need our help!

All clients interested in nutrition coaching must purchase our 'General Nutrition Plan'. This plan is a valuable information gathering tool for ongoing specific coaching, and provides you with an incredible amount of information and insight, which will help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed going forward!

General Nutrition Plan

For who? Those who need someone to look over their current nutritional lifestyle and provide them with the information and tweaks to help them achieve their body composition and performance goals. Individuals who are experienced with meal prepping, and do not require check-ins or accountability. 

What you get:

  • Fridge freezer pantry checklist

  • Grocery checklist

  • Meal planner recipe book + meal planner spreadsheet

  • The meal prep basics booklet

  • The 5 nutritional principles

  • The 5 main habits + print out

  • 5 motivators to stay on track

  • How to set goals

  • Getting going checklist and food habit and calorie information customized to your needs and goals.

Specific Nutrition coaching 

For who? Intermediate gym goers, amateur athletes, pro athletes, individuals who need more structure, assistance, and ongoing accountability. 


What you get? What’s required?  Specific macronutrient splits, Calorie intake breakdown per meal per week, Weekly photo and weight check-ins via the Fight Fit YYC App, Daily recording of food intake, Adjustments to meal plans based on progress or competition schedules, Follow up call every 2 weeks via phone or video chat. Text/email access with your coach Monday- Friday 9am-6pm (exceptions for weekend competition schedules). Nutritional lifestyle and habit alteration accountability.

Nutrition Coaching Rates

General Nutrition Planning $150

Specific Nutrition Coaching $175/month

Nutrition Coaching
Body Composition Analysis

Fight Fit YYC is proud to be one of the few providers in Western Canada utilizing the Body Metrix unit – a non-invasive ultrasound technology that enables us to look beyond the number on the scale and track muscle gain and fat loss. Body Metrix allows us to provide you with effective, reliable and accurate, non-invasive, body composition testing, and is the same professional grade ultrasound technology used by elite athletes and trainers. 



Body composition analysis is conducted by measuring subcutaneous fat thickness at multiple sites on the body. Unlike other tests, Body Metrix readings are not effected by caffeine, exercise, or hydration factors – no fasting or skipping your morning coffee required! Research has shown this method of body composition analysis to be reliable, reproducible, and accurate. Body Metrix body composition analysis eliminates the need for uncomfortable pinching, and is a fraction of the cost and just as accurate as the gold standard DXA scans (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, previously known as DEXA - which also exposes you to radiation) and hydrostatic weighing (uncomfortable submersion in a dunk tank). 


You’ve got health, fitness, weight loss/gain goals! To achieve these goals it’s fundamental to set an initial benchmark for progress that is measurable. Without data on your current strengths and weaknesses it will be very difficult to determine what type of nutritional lifestyle and strength and conditioning program works best for you. Body composition assessment allows us to better identify what will work best for your unique self! 


Accurately assessing body composition has many useful applications:

Weight Loss/ Gain: 

  • Your weight on the scale does not reflect changes in body composition such as fat loss or muscle gain. Body Metrix analysis will reveal what’s really going on!

  • Monitors changes in body composition over time and can help gauge effectiveness of training or nutritional regimes. 

  • Can monitor specific areas for targeted improvements 

  • The information obtained from your assessments allows you to quantify the amount of fat you are losing and muscle you are gaining. Sometimes the scale weight isn’t changing, but it’s due to a shift in body composition – less %BF and more lean muscle mass.  With an assessment, we can see if progress is being made! This is key whether you’re trying to gain or lose weight.

  • Aids your Fight Fit YYC coach in guiding your nutritional lifestyle with more accurate and individualized weight loss or weight gain programs.


  • Repeating Body Metrix analysis at regular intervals monitors your progress between testing. This allows us to see exactly what effects your hard work in the gym and kitchen are having on your body! 

Training Program Guidance:

  • Body composition analysis with Body Metrix is a great tool to accurately gauge the effect of strength and conditioning and hard work in the gym, keeping you motivated and inspiring you to train smart with your Fight Fit YYC coach. 

Helps Flag Potential Health Risks:

  • Body Metrix assessment will identify risks associated with too high or too low amounts of bodyfat. 

  • Assessments over time also allow for the identification of age related body composition changes.

  • Assessments allow for the tracking of circumference and waist to hip ratio, important health metrics and indicators of body composition change. 

  • Body Metrix assessment is also able to measure deep adipose tissue (DAT), a well-known risk factor contributing to many health issues. 

Before Your Test:

Since Body Metrix assessments are not effected by caffeine, hydration or food, there is no need to fast or otherwise prepare your body for the analysis. 

  • On the day of your assessment please arrive with a change of shorts (men) and shorts and a sports bra (women). 

The Assessment Process:

  • The testing process itself takes approximately 8-12 minutes.

  • Testing requires a small amount of palpation by your Fight Fit YYC coach to locate precise measurement areas on the body. 

  • The unit itself is small with a flat measuring surface, and has no sensation associated with measurements. 

  • The first time we conduct an assessment we will gather information to build your profile such as age, current weight, height, activity level, and gender – your profile will be saved and will allow for ease of comparison between assessments over time.

  • Your Body Metrix body composition assessment sheet will be printed immediately after the test is completed, as well as Emailed to you for you records. 


After the Assessment:

  • We’ll then go through the results together to help you understand exactly what they mean. 

  • Interpreting the results with your coach will allow you to see are as you’re improving, and areas you need to work on. Your Fight Fit YYC coach will give you feedback regarding the best options to help you achieve your desired goals.

  • It is recommended that you schedule your next body composition assessment, to track your progress over time through a series of measures. 

Tests will be conducted at Fight Fit YYC within Vision Sports Centre at 7475 Flint Road SE, Calgary AB. Offsite testing may also be arranged, if that is desired please contact Fight Fit YYC. 



3 Point Analysis

Three-point analysis to identify overall body composition.

Measurements are taken from three different points on the body to accurately determine your body composition. The three point system is reliable and accurate, however athletes or fitness competitors may be better suited by our seven point analysis.

Invest in a 3 pack and get your assessments for as low as $45 per session. It is recommended to schedule one assessment every six weeks for specific goal tracking.



7 Point Analysis

Comprehensive seven point analysis, the most accurate body composition measure.

More data points allow for even more accuracy for those looking for high level results such as athletes, or fitness competitors. 

Invest in a 3 pack and get your assessments for as low as $70 per session. It is recommended to schedule one assessment every six weeks for specific goal tracking or to book sessions dependent on your competition schedule.  

$35/muscle pair

Muscle Pair Analysis

$35.00 Muscle-Pair Sonogram Scan Screening

Identify muscular imbalances, a key indicator of injury prevention. Use the results to help create a specific strength program with a Fight Fit YYC coach.

Body Comp
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