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Strength & Conditioning

$175/ program - App. delivered, generally run 6-8 weeks. 

$500 3 programs, must be run consecutively. 

Personal Training

1-1 Training 

$100/1hr session*

$65/30min session*

Group Sessions

$130/1hr 2-3 ppl

$200/1hr 4-10ppl

Call for price 10+ppl

*Single use sessions are allowed for NEW clients only. After the first session, packages of 5 or more must be purchased. Sessions expire 6 months from purchase date and no refunds will be issued. Please respect your booking and cancel 24 hours or more in advance or you will lose your session. Legitimate exceptions will be made for sudden illness or emergency. GST not included.

Nutrition Coaching

$150 General Nutrition Plan

$200/Month Specific Nutrition Planning 

$250/month Specific Nutrition Planning Including Weight Cut and Rehydration Planning (fighters)

Body Composition


$135/3 pack

3 point analysis


$210/3 pack

7 point analysis

$35/ muscle pair

(gst not included)

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