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Don't just take my word for it! Here's what some of the people I work with have to say!


Scott Lucyk, MD Emergency physician, Medical Toxicologist

I have been training with Scott for the past several years and he is amazing at what he does. He is incredibly knowledgable and all of his training is geared towards your personal abilities and goals.

Personal training with Scott is outstanding - he knows how to get every ounce of effort out of you during the sessions. He has also set up multiple training programs for me that are geared towards what I am looking to improve in the gym (endurance, strength, speed, calisthenics etc) - they are definitely challenging and different from your standard gym workouts (i.e. do 3 sets of these 3 exercises etc). His diet programs are also well thought out and delivered. I don't even feel like Im dieting. He focuses on good foods with high nutritional content and gives you a bunch of different foods to pick from.


Quinn Wasylak, Professional Muay Thai fighter

Scott is a true professional at what he does. Anything you want to achieve, he can and will help you get there. In addition, the facility is top notch, people are very nice, and the workouts are awesome. Highly recommend anyone looking to take their fitness goals to the next level to give Fight Fit a shot.


Justin Parsons, Professional Muay Thai Fighter

Scott is an expert to say the least in his field. Very knowledgeable and will take the time to build a plan specific to your needs, whether it be just starting in fitness or training for a pro fight. Very nice guy and his facility has all you need. I highly recommend reaching out to him.


Scott Sharp, Product Owner

Have been working with Scott on a home training program during the pandemic. He is cautious to ensure you don't have to buy a ton of equipment and that your workout fits into your day. He asks questions and adjusts accordingly. He also builds nutrition programs that work with your lifestyle. I told him giving up an occasional beer was not an option and was totally cools and made the program work anyways. He is a heck of guy. Give him a shot!


Aaron Wilson, Professional Muay Thai Fighter, WBC Canadian Champion


I'm only giving it 5 stars because that's the maximum that Google allows for reviews. If I could, I would rate Fight Fit YYC much higher!

Welcoming atmosphere, state of the art facility and exceptional services. The Coaches, Scott and Meaghan, are very passionate and incredibly experienced in various avenues of health/well-being.

I have used Fight Fit YYC for various reasons and have always been happy with the results. Whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete then look no further.


Dr. Greg Uchacz, Chiropractor, Clinic Director

As a chiropractor that has worked at 3 Olympic Games for Team Canada, I've had the privileged of working with 100's of athletes. Scott and Meaghan are remarkable in their knowledge and understanding of sport and the human body. It's rare to come across athletes as knowledgeable as they are about ALL facets of health, training, recovery and nutrition. Very impressive and dedicated athletes. I don't say that lightly.

I decided to try Muay Thai as well, in recent months. Scary for an older guy like me. Scott was an excellent coach and trainer. Methodical in his approach, patient (necessarily so), and easy to engage with. A great teacher. I cannot recommend him more if you are interested in improving your fitness and health. Muay Thai is super fun. Its also a great workout. Give it a try with Fight Fit YYC. I'm a raving fan.


Jamie McCartney, CSCS, ChPC, Performance Lead and Technical Push Coach, Bobsleigh Canada, Skeleton

Scott is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced practitioner. Whether you are an elite athlete, or an individual looking to enhance their overall physical wellbeing, Scott has all the tools to suit your needs, keep your engaged, and keep you accountable.


Arek Thankachen, Amateur Muay Thai fighter, Coach Silverback Martial Arts

If you're looking to learn Muay Thai or even just get into shape, then Fight Fit YYC is the place to be! Scott really knows what he is doing and can cater to your fitness level or goals you want to accomplish. Best part of the training sessions is that it is always being switched up and is never the same, which gives you the opportunity to learn something new every time you step into the facility! Highly recommend the training especially because it is with one of Canada's best!!!

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